The 1st astronomy workshop for beginners

Multimessenger astronomy is a new research area utilizing all the available signals from the Universe. Researchers in a specific research field are often “beginners” in other fields. To share the very basics of astronomical observations, we organize an “Astronomy workshop for beginners”. The first workshop focuses on observations of gravitational waves and electromagnetic waves in optical/infrared wavelengths. This is a precious opportunity to ask basic questions on astronomical observations: we look forward to your active discussion.

  • Date: 2023 July 10th (Mon) 13:00 — 19:00
  • Venue: Tohoku University, Aobayama campus
  • Lecturer: Soichiro Morisaki (U. Tokyo), Mamoru Doi (U. Tokyo), Kazuya Matsubayashi (U. Tokyo)
  • Registration form:
  • Due date for registration: 2023 June 22th (Thu)
  • Schedule (tentative):
    13:00-15:00 Gravitational waves (Morisaki)
    15:30-17:30 Optical/infrared (Doi, Matsubayashi)
    18:30- 21:00 Discussion on multi-messenger observations
  • Organizer:Masaomi Tanaka (Tohoku U.,
  • Presentations (Contact the organizer for the password)